Being one of the top maritime agencies in Colombia, Multiport E.U can become a strategic partner to your business, ensuring successful operations thanks to our outmost professionalism and diligence during your vessel’s stay in our care.

With over 30+ years of experience in the maritime field, our team is capable of providing you with the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that your cargoes are fully taken care of and that your port call will be a success.

Our main goal is to provide a competitive, integrated and committed service with the highest quality and safety standards possible.

From the very beginning, we work as a team with you, in order to guarantee the adequate and prompt handling of your cargoes. We pride ourselves for being able to adapt to your needs, understanding that every business is different.


  • Objective reports
  • Efficient, continuous and intelligent communications
  • We handle the sensitive information with confidentiality and protection
  • Smart reaction 24 SHINC
  • 24 HRS presence of agent on deck while alongside
  • Close interaction with stevedores to assist shore and vessel operations


  • Smart service / Proactive
  • Wide network in 2 countries (COL- VZLA)
  • Years of experience (port & marine ops) with direct performance
  • Partnership attitude
  • Personalized & Tailor-made customer service
  • Years of growing relationship with ports, shippers, receivers and authorities + overseas parties


  • Legal representation against port authorities and customs
    Shipyard and repairs
  • Nationalization of ship-crafts and vessels
  • Husbandry, supplies and disposals to ships
  • Owner services such as bunkering, repairs, crew changes, crew assistance
  • Hiring, audit and supervision of$ suppliers, contractors, equipment and third party services






Fully committed service

By knowing the technical details of each terminal, we guide all the parties involved to make the most efficient loading and discharging operations. Our Bulk Division executives are tasked to carefully identify your needs, and work hand in hand with our operations team.

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Our service profile has been designed in consideration to the boutique standards that the coal operations need in our country. With direct experience in loading operations around 10 different COAL loading facilities, we are able to provide deep know-how to the charterers and owners of the business. Years of interaction as agent in the coal operations allow us to support with efficiency the Shippers, Stevedores and suppliers in our country. We participate continuously in STEAM COAL, MET-COAL and MET-COKE shipments around Colombia in both Caribbean and pacific coast ports.

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Multiport offers the most reliable RoRo services with extremely high quality standards and a solid reputation thanks to:
• Marketing and sales office in the 6 main Colombian cities
• Reduced operational expenses and competitive stevedoring rates
• Dynamic and fully committed service to your regular liner service
• Non-conflict of interest in the commercialization of your cargoes
• Full commitment to time differential zones




Getting to knowyour business is our priority

Wide experience handling all kind of break bulk cargoes such as steels, big bags, machinery, among many others, allows us to provide you with the best hassle-free service.
The excellent communication flows between all parties concerned, guarantees proactive problem solving, status of your vessel, cargo safety and total control.

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Extensive experience in handling project cargoes: the bigger the better!

Thanks to our experience in handling project cargoes, Multiport can guarantee you a smooth operation every time. Our team understands the strict planning and accurate execution involved in loading and discharging operations; this allows us to take care of the details that are key for the cargo safety and the optimization of time and resources.

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Our team of expertsby your side at all times

We conduct risk assessments and plan our operations thoroughly in order to guarantee success on your port calls. Constant coordination between our different offices provides us whit the right tool to plan perfectly your vessel’s call.

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Integration and flexibility

Because we know that your operation depends on sales, our proactive and efficient sales team is able to develop good contracts whit major importers and exporters.
We can offer a wide range of services such as inland transportation, inspection and stuffing/unstuffing of containers among many others.

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Multiport EU contributes to social welfare by providing feeding and education scholarships to 40 low-income children in Colombia who make part of Mano Amiga Foundation, a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote integral education and to improve poor children life standarda.

We are committed with Colombian youth education and is way we contribute to transform lives and to build a better future for our country.




PHONE (+574) 268 – 8444

Calle 4 Sur N° 43a – 195 Centro Ejecutivo El Poblado